About the new update to trailblazing

Jun 29, 2018 by Admin

Welcome to an updated trailblazing.in.  The update involved taking some codes and parts off to make the application a little nicer, so there was more trimming off than adding to.

For this new update, we decided to display the blogs as the only post on the home page. Previously, it used to be links and blogs, and everyone could see the links you posted as well as the blogs. This time around, we decided to remove the links and make that private. This means you can still create links, but its just not accessible to everyone, but you. So now you can have your own url/link library.


A second update is the portfolio page. We didn’t "feel" the previous portfolio page ( which was a lemon green/white template ). We decided to switch it up a bit (or maybe switch it down) to a shade of blue/white with a side bar (pretty nice, right?!). On the sidebar, you have a toggle button that let’s you switch between the blogs you’ve created and the projects section. This way, the guests to your page don’t have to scroll down a long page.


Features on Trailblazing:

  • You can create private note and links that is not available to everyone, but just you.
  • You can create blogs that is available to everyone, on the homepage. You can also share your blogs.
  • You can create a portfolio that displays your blogs and project.


Enjoy the new update . . .

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